About Deleting This Blog

Do you still remember when was the first time you created your social media account? If my memory serves me right, I had my first social media account was on Friendster. It was in 2005 or 2006. Then, I signed up in Facebook, Wordpress, Plurk, Twitter, Blogspot, Tumblr, Foursquare, Instagram, Path, and only God knows what else. Now I realize that having too many account in various social medias isn't good for my health. *halah, lebay*

I don't know why I made all those accounts in the first place. I guess I was only following the crowd. Updating status, checking in places, posting photos. On what purpose exactly? To tell the world that I was sad, angry, mad, or cranky? To tell the world that I was in high fancy restaurant by checking in there? To tell the world that I bought a new dress? Hell, like the world cares about it. Well, maybe the world doesn't care, but at least, some people may care. :P

And I'm pondering. Why do we rant and brag on social media? When we feel happy or angry, we grab our smartphones and there you go... Another status updated. What is it with us that really like to share anything on internet? Food that we eat, clothes that we buy, books that we read. Even our deepest feelings. We share that, too. Are we now so addicted with social media that we can't live without it?  

Don't get me wrong. I'm not anti social media. I'm using it, for God sake. We can use it in a positive way, but there's another story. What become my concern here is sometimes we cross the line in using social media. We update status carelessly. We often tweet, plurk, or blog without a second thought. We can see in any social media that people cursing, mocking, grumbling. For example, a girl that grumbled on Path that she didn't give her seat to a pregnant woman. She thought the pregnant woman should have come earlier to train station if she wanted to get a seat. Then, her friend captured her status and, BOOM! It went viral. My timeline was full of tweets condemning that girl. Next thing I know we all become moral police, including me.

I think I made all my social accounts because I want to share. I'm a social animal, after all. I do share. :P When I feel like I don't have anyone to hear my story, I just go online and tweet, plurk, or blog about it. Well, I guess it's easier for us to share with strangers than with people that we know. Because on internet we can be anyone that we want to be. On internet I'm slightly different from my real life. The difference is on internet I can speak my mind. I can write anything that bothers me without being afraid to be judged by people that I know. While in real life, I'm quite the opposite.

This morning while I was reading Feedly, there was an e-mail notification in my Blackberry. I grabbed it and read the e-mail. I almost fell from my chair when I read it. It was from Blogspot telling me that there was a new comment in my blog, and guess who gave the comment that made me almost fell from my chair? My cousin. Man, I was doomed. :|

For one second, I thought I wanted to retire from blogging. Worse, I wanted to delete this blog. All six years in blogging have to disappear just like that? All my stories for the last six years, gone? Was I fucking serious? Hell, I was. The reason why I don't want people that I know in real life read this blog is because I'm so afraid that they will see me differently after reading it. I'm so scared that they can't accept me for who I really am. But then again, I remember some people in my real life read this blog. My sister-in-law, my nephew, some of my friends, and now my cousin. I bet they already know my real thoughts by now. And, do I really care about it? Nope, I don't think so. :P 

So, you, guys, don't have to worry. I will not delete this blog, for now. I still need a place to pour my heart. This blog is my sanctuary. :)

Akhirul kalam, whatever any kind of social media that you have, always be careful with what you post, though. You never know what's coming for you. Tabik!


  1. I actively played on internet, when i was a high School Student. I joined to the a forum web. Www.fansbola.com. You know the forum, eh? If yes, you will feel familiar with me. Hahaha

    hmm, i am almost agree with the Most of ur opinion. But nowadays, i actively walked on Internet just not for fun or pleasing my own desire. I have a secret mission. This is my work place. So i must be careful what i need to write down. Hahaha

    nice post, nice idea, nice sharing

    love it!!!!! ������������

    1. Regardless, whatever your reason here on internet, you still have to be careful of what your post. By the way, I never join to that forum. :D

  2. Jadi dirimu yg sebenarnya itu adalah dirimu dalam kehidupan nyata atau dirimu yg ada di blog ini sih?

    Iya bener, harus hati-hati, jangan sampai kayak Dinda yg ituuu... :D

  3. Remind me of a meme around the Internet: Dat annoying relatives who keep commenting your post :D

    So you have two choices. Bear with it or just exit. I think coward will choose the latter :)

    1. I think coward or not, we should respect other people's choices. :)

  4. Kalo lagi galau nulismu panjang-panjang ya Kim :D
    Kalau lagi pengen delete blog mending menjauh dulu. Ntar kangen balik lagi.
    Aku gitu sih. Hehehe

    1. Hah, segini dibilang panjang, Mbak? :O

      Ehm... Betul. Aku juga sekarang mikirnya kayaknya gak sampai tega mau menghapus blog ini. Terserah deh mau siapa saja yang baca. Soalnya, sayang kan 6 tahun kisah kehidupan harus dihapus begitu saja. *tsaaah*


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