Random #21

Random No. 1

This morning I wrote at my dream journal about my dream last night. I can perfectly recall my dream. It was so vivid I even remember small details. If you ask me what my dream was, shooo... I'm not gonna tell you. :P

Random No. 2

Why do I keep forgetting my promise which is I'm going to write more in English? Man, this is not good. I have to do something. Okay then, start from now on I will write English once in a week. Deal? Please do remind me when it seems I forget this.

Random No. 3

If I make a survey about this blog, would you like to take part by participating the survey?

Random No. 4

As I already wrote here, I said that I would try to write a summary for every chapter from History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell every week. Too bad, the last summary I wrote was Chapter 13: The Sources of Plato's Opinion and it was published, like, 3 months ago. I feel bad and guilty to you, guys. I'm sorry. But, don't worry, I still remember my promise and still intend to keep it. I will write the summary for next chapters IF I'm in such a good mood. :O

Random No. 5

Do you have any favorite blogs? If you have, would you like to share here in the comment form? I want to subscribe good blogs that are worthed to read. Thanks before. :)

Random No. 6

I finally made ask.fm account just for fun. Please, feel free to ask me anything here.


  1. Iya, aku juga kagum dengan Mas Zen. Wawasannya luas dan cara menulisnya pun bagus. Sesuai selera lah. :D

    Aku berlangganan blog pribadinya, tapi sepertinya tidak pernah di update lagi. Mungkin karena Mas Zen menulis di yahoo ya.

  2. hihi jadi ikut2an daftar blognya mas zen :-D

  3. Kalau Mbak Nay ada referensi blog yang layak untuk disubscribe gak?

  4. Well... berhubung belakangan sepertinya blog ini jadi ke arah science blog psikologi... :)




    ...dari feedly saya. Kemungkinan ada yang udah tahu, sih. ^^a


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