Random #21

Random No. 1

This morning I wrote at my dream journal about my dream last night. I can perfectly recall my dream. It was so vivid I even remember small details. If you ask me what my dream was, shooo... I'm not gonna tell you. :P

Random No. 2

Why do I keep forgetting my promise which is I'm going to write more in English? Man, this is not good. I have to do something. Okay then, start from now on I will write English once in a week. Deal? Please do remind me when it seems I forget this.

Random No. 3

If I make a survey about this blog, would you like to take part by participating the survey?

Random No. 4

As I already wrote here, I said that I would try to write a summary for every chapter from History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell every week. Too bad, the last summary I wrote was Chapter 13: The Sources of Plato's Opinion and it was published, like, 3 months ago. I feel bad and guilty to you, guys. I'm sorry. But, don't worry, I still remember my promise and still intend to keep it. I will write the summary for next chapters IF I'm in such a good mood. :O

Random No. 5

Do you have any favorite blogs? If you have, would you like to share here in the comment form? I want to subscribe good blogs that are worthed to read. Thanks before. :)

Random No. 6

I finally made ask.fm account just for fun. Please, feel free to ask me anything here.


  1. Blogger favoritku itu Zen RS. Mungkin lebih tepat disebut sebagai esais dibanding blogger :D

    Aku biasa baca tulisan-tulisannya di sini: https://id.berita.yahoo.com/blogs/author/zen-rs/

    Aku kagum dengan keluasan wawasan dan kejernihan cara berpikir si penulisnya.

    1. Iya, aku juga kagum dengan Mas Zen. Wawasannya luas dan cara menulisnya pun bagus. Sesuai selera lah. :D

      Aku berlangganan blog pribadinya, tapi sepertinya tidak pernah di update lagi. Mungkin karena Mas Zen menulis di yahoo ya.

    2. hihi jadi ikut2an daftar blognya mas zen :-D

    3. Kalau Mbak Nay ada referensi blog yang layak untuk disubscribe gak?

  2. Well... berhubung belakangan sepertinya blog ini jadi ke arah science blog psikologi... :)




    ...dari feedly saya. Kemungkinan ada yang udah tahu, sih. ^^a


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