On October 16

October 16, 2013.

Our family went out for dinner at Rumah Makan Kayu, Bandar Lampung. We were celebrating my parents' wedding anniversary. Food were ready and already served. But, before we started to enjoy our meal, my father asked Haikal, my nephew, and Jihan, my niece, to say a little prayer. So, Haikal prayed in Arabic and Jihan translated the prayer. :D

After they finished their prayer, my father said something more. He said he was very proud of them and us. He hoped his grandchildren would always remember him in their thoughts and prayers. He also said he wished he would be healed completely from his cancer so he still could have more time with us. But, he thought that his time would come soon, that maybe that year (2013) he would leave us. He was crying when he said that. Deep down we knew what he said were true. But, we didn't want to show him that. We encouraged him and hugged him. We said, "Don't say something like that, Pa. You will get better. You will have more few years ahead of you. You will see your grandchildren get married and you will meet your great grandchildren." He's still crying.

And on December 3, 2013 he left us for his own good.

October 16, 2014.

My mother and I had breakfast at The Food Festival, Bandar Lampung. She had porridge and I had laksa singapore. While we're enjoying our meal, she told me a story when she had argument with my father. She was reminiscing the time when my father was around. I guess she was just missing my father so much. After 46 years, this is the first time of their wedding anniversary without my father.

Dear Papa, we all miss you so much here. I love you so much, Pa. Now and always. Across space and time. 


  1. hiks.... sedih, mbak

  2. Life is just beautiful. How somebody means so much. How somebody is missed by other people. It's sad, but well... it's time--and it makes everybody matter.

  3. Huhuhu.... Semoga semuanya diberi ketabahan....

  4. :cry:
    Tetap tabah, kenangan terindah bersama Suami, Papa dan Kakek akan selalu abadi.

  5. Hiks.. :( Kirim doa buat beliau..

  6. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

    When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. To live in the hearts' of those we leave behind, is not to die.

    Make your Dad proud, Kimi =)


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