Rekindle the Old Time Fun

First of all, I'm getting bored with social media. That including blog and Twitter. I even feel lazy just to turn on my laptop and browse internet. Bored and lazy. It should be enough for me to stay away from noise on internet. My mind is clearer because there isn't much information which needs to be processed. I selectively choose which information I want to process and which one that is needed to be discarded right away. Surprisingly, I don't miss social media that much. I mean, I'm still alive without it. :P

So, I've spent the last three weeks with reading books, local newspaper, and watching WWE. Yep, you read that right: WWE. The WWE. My mom really loves the show and I don't have a choice other than to watch it together with my mom. Let just say, watching WWE is a family time that can tighten an attachment between me and my mom.

I was a fans of WWE when I was in teenage years. I loved The Rock. I played the game on my playstation. Though I wasn't really good at playing it (I never won actually), I still played it against my brother. Now watching it again just awaken that young Kimi inside of me. I remember the feeling of excitement to watch the superstar entering the arena. You know, with all their special style, music, and video. That is one thing that I really like about WWE. I don't really like the fights, but I like the players' entrance. I always love The Rock's. And since now I'm in love with John Cena (wait, how old is he actually?), thus I also love his entrance.

Besides the entrance that gets my attention, I also like all the drama that they make. They're so funny. Some players are exaggerating. Their acting are convincing enough to make my mom yells and claps her hands. She really hates The Authority and anyone whom she thinks arrogant, especially Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Seth Rollins. Of course she idolizes the good guys and anyone who is mistreated by The Authority, especially John Cena. Like mother, like daughter. :D

The Authority
from left to right: Seth's bodyguard, Stephanie, Seth Rollins, Triple H, another Seth's bodyguard
picture was from here 

And, that's a quick update from me. Anyone who also loves WWE, please raise your hand! \m/


  1. Wah ibunya gaul. =))

    *pasang lagu Limp Bizkit*
    *rollin' rollin' rollin'*

  2. Ini tontonan yang menyenangkan, idola gw rikisi hahaha *si gendut yang selalu kocak*

    1. Aku gak inget Rikisi. Yang aku inget dari dulu itu The Rock, Triple H, Kane, John Cena, The Undertaker, Big Show, Chris Jericho... Sekarang kayaknya Rikisi udah gak main lagi ya?


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