I am a pessimist, have low self-esteem, and a visionary. What I mean by visionary is I always imagine the worst case scenario in every situation I'm facing. Hey, it's my survival mechanism.

So, when I found out there was something wrong in my body I thought the worst. I thought there might be a possibility that I didn't have much time left and I was gonna die.

Therefore, I have been thinking to start a vlog. I will record my journey in fighting off the disease. If I survive, I'm gonna use the vlog as my reminder to appreciate and to love my body more, also to take a really good care of my self. If I fail to survive, well, I'm leaving memories behind for my family, friends, fans, and anyone who cares about me. So, if they start to miss me, all they need to do is watching my vlog.

Fortunately, the result came out and it says that I'm clean. Alhamdulillah. 


  1. Aku nggak terlalu paham mbak Kimi ngomongin apa tapi syukurlah kalau apapun itu, ternyata tidak ada alias "clean" :"3

  2. Alhamdulillah... Semoga selalu sehat dan dilindungi Allah nggih mbak...

  3. Jangan lupa, cuma boleh di Group of 8, Russell Group, atau Ivy League. Lain tidak!

  4. jadi? we're doing nothing again tomorrow??? like pooh and christopher robin??


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