On Fire

Things are slowly getting better. Mood swings are less frequent now. Which is good and I'm really grateful. Although work is still dull and boring, but I think I can work that out.

By the way, I've been thinking lately to make this blog back to its old function which is to share my stories. I mean I'll try to write more personal, well, maybe not too personal. Like, you know, highlights about what's happening lately in my life, which I can assure you there is nothing interesting about that. But, hey, I'm still willing to share those with you.

This change probably because I read one of my idol's blog. He updates his blog quite often lately and most of his updates are about his daily life, recent events, and sometimes about his love stories. I found that very entertaining. Really. I genuinely enjoy reading his blog posts.

Most of blogs now are talking about serious stuffs or ads. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against that. Sometimes I write that, too. But, I've got to admit that I miss the times when people write silly stuffs, random things, or heartbreaks. I miss the times just by reading a blog is like listening to your good friends telling you their stories. As if you were sitting next to them, enjoying your drink and food, and, of course, you're enjoying their stories, too. That's what I feel every time I read his blog. A delight.

So, in that purpose, I wanted to tell you that my office building was caught on fire. It happened on last Tuesday (21/05). It completely destroyed my super big boss' room office, but the other offices were safe, including mine. At first I heard a commotion. I thought there were fights. When I got out I saw there was black smoke coming out from my boss' office. While some people were running to put out the fire, I was running to save my life. And my laptop. And my bag, too. I was so panicked I left my jacket on my table. The Manchester United jacket which my dad bought me. I wanted to run back to grab it, but the smoke was already too thick. As much as I really loved that jacket, I still didn't wanna die in vain. I still wanted to live. Luckily, the jacket was saved. My friend saved it for me. Thank you, Friend!

picture was from here

When that happened I had this one particular person on my mind that I wanted to contact. I'd been yearning to get in touch with him. I wanted to call him and say, "Hey, you know what, my office was caught on fire!" But, I refrained myself from doing that because I decided that I didn't want to bother him anymore.

Few days later he texted me. I was so, so, so happy. The more I think about it, the more I realize that it is him that I truly love.

And at last, after struggling for the last few months, I finally can put my mind at ease. I can feel the happiness again. I just hope that it will be a permanent, but if it can't, well, let's hope that I can be happy for as long as I can.


  1. Wow Kimi! I'm sorry about the fire. Udah lama juga gak denger kabar kamu di Twitter, sekarang kalo update seringnya ngomongin kucing XD Btw, blogger idolamu siapakah? Si Hoeda bukan sih? XD

    1. Aku memang sengaja meminimalisir buka Twitter. Soalnya sekalinya buka Twitter dan scrolling TL, pasti waktu yang terbuang bisa lama banget. Niatnya cuma buka lima menit, tapi nanti tergoda buka tret ini itu, dan seterusnya. Juga biar gak terpancing emosi kalau baca twit-twit goblo. Hahaha. Lebih penting lagi, biar gak terpancing buat curcol galau mulu. Aku mau ganti pencitraan. :))


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