Random #35

Random 1

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. Usually on special occasions, like birthdays, I take my mom out to dinner. Unfortunately, I was (still am) broke so I couldn't take her out yesterday. But, don't worry, Mama. Once I have money I will take you to a fancy restaurant.

Happy birthday, Mama! May you always be blessed with love, joy, happiness, and health.

Random 2

I celebrated Idulfitri in Jakarta with my sister and her family. I never celebrated Idulfitri outside my hometown before. But, this year I decided I wanted to do something different. So, I told my sister that I planned to go with her to Jakarta.

I was glad that I made the decision because I was having a blast in Jakarta. It was a jolly experience. We went to our cousin's and uncle's houses. We met our big family, who live in Jakarta, whom we rarely meet. We had great feasts, nice conversations, and good laughs. I felt that was our bonding time as an extended family. Our relationship is getting closer. Hopefully.

You know what makes me happy about this? It's true what science says. Having a good connection with other people, a.k.a social relationships, does really boost your dopamine levels. It makes your life happier and more meaningful. Me, as an isolated and a lonely person, couldn't agree more with that. I could feel dopamine gushed in my brain during that time. Now I know what it feels like to have many good relationships with family and relatives.

Okay, Kimi. To make you happy and keep your brain young, there is no harm in reaching out to your family or friends. Send them a text, ask them how they are doing, and probably you can schedule your time to meet them.

Here are some memorabilia.

at my cousin's house

at my uncle's house

at sashimi's house (read: Sushi Tei)

Random 3

Can you believe that I bought these two Senka Perfect Whip facial foam only for Rp41,000 (or Rp42,000) for each? What a real bargain, right?? FYI, I bought them at Guardian in Jakarta.

Random 4

I have been watching more Bollywood movies recently. Surprisingly they were all awesome. They were very entertaining. All this time I remember Bollywood movies as cheesy, cheap plots and predictable twists, with full singing and dancing. As a result, I keep adding more and more Bollywood in my movie-to-watch list in my IMDb account.


  1. ga banyak film bollywood yang gue tonton
    kuch kuch hota hai karena dipaksa temen temen sekos :D
    three idiot

    kaya'nya itu doang :D

    1. Kalau begitu saya sarankan tidak ada salahnya untuk nonton film Bollywood. Ternyata banyak juga yang keren.

  2. Selamat Idul Fitri! Mohon maaf lahir dan batin. Kunjungan balik *komen ala tahun 2008.

    1. Mohon maaf lahir batin juga, Mas Galih. Terima kasih sudah berkunjung balik. Salam kenal ya! *ikutan komen ala tahun 2008*

  3. Sepakat kak, bisa kumpul sama keluarga itu ningkatin dopamin banget. Bagi perantau seperti saya ini, momen pulang kampung atau silaturahmi ke keluarga besar yang lain jadi momen untuk recharge batin juga. Hahaha... jadi curhat.

    Btw tumben kak foto yang diuploadnya nggak ditutupi emoji. 😅

    1. Hahaha. Sudah mulai pede, Mas. Lagian sepertinya sudah sejak beberapa post terakhir deh aku kalau upload foto gak ditutupi stiker lagi. Di Twitter pun demikian. :D


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