A Threat

Day 3: A Memory 

Too many memories lingering in my head now. But, let me tell you one particular memory that meant something to me. It was in one fine afternoon many years ago. My father and I were in Plaza Senayan. We sat below a giant clock which always have music on every hour. I was still a university student. Hadn't graduated while most of my friends in my year already graduated. I was left behind because I got stucked in my mini-thesis. 

I remember vividly what my father said that day. He said, "You have to finish your study this semester. Otherwise, you have to come back home and become a farmer." I considered that as a threat. A horrifying one. I didn't wanna go back home without finishing my degree and become a farmer. I didn't wanna be a failure. I ran away from home so I could study in my university. I didn't want to let my sacrifice go to waste. So, I worked my ass off to finish my study. I slept less than I used to. I sat in front of my laptop for hours to work on my mini-thesis. 

Fortunately, (if I'm not mistaken) less than four months it paid off. I finished my study. If it wasn't because of the threat that my father made, I guess I was still busy playing games and I would have graduated a year later. 

I told my father that I succeeded in defending my mini-thesis and I knew deep down inside he's very proud of me. Even though he's no longer with us, every thing that I do is to make him proud. I love my father so, so, so much.

And, that's about my one of memorable memories. What about yours? Care to share with me? 


  1. Aku mbrebes mili baca ini.
    Kadang "teror" dari ortu atau significant one, memang SUPER DUPER penting dalam hidup.
    Pada saat "ancaman" itu datang, kadang aku ngerasa APA SIIIH?!
    Tapi, lima atau 10 thn kemudian, sungguh baru aku paham faedah dan hikmahnya.
    Al-Fatihah untuk papa dan ortu yg sudah mendahului kita

    1. Iya, Mbak. "Diancam" sama orang yang kita sayangi itu mengerikan. Meski mungkin ancamannya tidak sungguh-sungguh, tetapi kan tetep aja ya... Penting dan wajib kita indahkan.

  2. Gak heran kalau kamu sayang banget sama Papa kamu dan pasti sangat kehilangan dia di momen-momen tertentu dalam hidup kamu. Al Fatihah untuk Papa kamu. Beliau pasti bangga anaknya sangat pintar, cantik, dan tangguh 💪

    1. Amin, amin... Semoga beliau bangga sama aku. Terima kasih, Mbak Anggi. :')


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