Day 7: Favorite Movie

Outer space always amazes me. It shows me how tiny human is in the vast galaxies. It makes me humble as a human being and realizes how omnipotent God is. 

So, when Interstellar was released in 2014 there was no chance that I would miss it. Plus, it's directed by my favorite director, Christopher Nolan. Any movies that come from his hands are 100% guaranteed nicely done. I know, I know it's bias. But, who cares? 

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So, we're in dystopian future where humanity is struggling to survive. There are crop blights and dust storms that threaten humanity's survival. Prof. Brand (Michael Caine) suggested for humans to leave the Earth. He said, "We're not meant to save the world. We're meant to leave it."

Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) was recruited to be the pilot of Endurance. A spaceship that would explore three planets that from three astronauts Miller, Edmund, and Mann had reported positive results from previous expeditions. Cooper, along with Amelia Brand, Romilly, and Doyle, traversed through the wormhole and used slingshot maneuver when they were near black hole named Gargantua. In the end, only Cooper and Amelia survived.

Alright, that was enough plot I gave you. You can watch the full movie by yourself if you're curious.

By the way, from all movies that I have watched, why I wrote Interstellar for today's theme? Why not other movies? Well, I already told you reason number one: its setting in outer space and it speaks about theory physics, such as wormhole etc. I'm not an expert on that kind of stuff, but I'm always curious about them. 

Reason number two, it becomes my favorite movie because of the emotional depth that has been portrayed by Cooper and Murphy, the two leading characters. The father-daughter bond that was shown throughout the movie reminded me of what I had with my own old man.

I cried in two particular scenes. First, when Cooper said goodbye to Murphy. 

"Hey, I love you. Forever. You hear me? I love you forever and I'm coming back."

Second, when Cooper finally meets again with Murphy, now she's already old while Cooper is still in mid 30s body. Technically he's 124 years old, but with relativity and stuff he's still in his 30s.

Murphy: "Nobody believed me, but I knew you would come back."
Cooper: "How?"
Murphy: "Because my dad promised me."
Cooper: "I'm here now, Murph. I'm here."
Murphy: "No. No parents should have to watch their own child die."

That line reminded me that I watched my father died almost seven years ago. It's still breaking my heart to pieces. Through this post I just wanna say that I love you, Papa. Now and always. Across space and time. 


  1. Ulasan singkat yang menarik mengenai sebuah film yang berbelit-belit. Menonton Interstellar beberapa kali masih dapat menikmatinya, padahal biasanya menonton sekali atau dua kali sudah merasa cukup.

    Paragraf penutupnya yang paing menyentuh. :'(

  2. Papa saya juga sudah lama sekali meninggal. Gegara post ini saya jadi kangen. Kirim doa dulu ah.

  3. Belum pernah nonton tapi pengen komen :(

  4. Saya juga suka Interstellar. Walaupun panjang ceritanya bagus menjelaskan tentang relativity dan horizon peristiwa di lubang hitam.
    Dramanya juga kena....

    Ikut berduka cita mbak...some people stay forever in our heart.

  5. Saya juga suka nonton Interstellar, Mbak Kimi. Mungkin karena kerjaannya Nolan, hampir nggak ada bolongnya itu film. :D


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