About Deleting This Blog (2)

Before I continue writing this post, please let me say Happy New Year 2023 to all of you. I know it's late, but better late than never, right? Hopefully, this year will be a great year for us all. 

So, guys, to be honest, I've been thinking about stopping writing here in Kimi's Akademos. I want to lock this blog in private, so it can never be publicly accessed. Or, worse, I might delete it. 

I want to start a new blog. Start afresh. Buy a new domain and hosting. I'll make a new pseudonym and create a new persona that no one in my real life knows that it's me. 

But why? Why would I do that? What for?

I am trying to figure out what's the reason behind this. Probably I'm getting bored with this blog, with my mediocre life, or else. I may be ashamed of what I have written here in the past. I don't know. All I know is I'm starting to lose the excitement of writing here. I don't know what to write or what story to share. I have no idea. 

But then, I remembered why I wrote this blog almost 15 years ago. Other than following trends at that time, I knew I wanted to leave something for my family, friends, or people who cared enough about me. I'm leaving memories. I hope they all will remember me when I'm gone. 

Fine. There's a high probability that family and friends couldn't care less about me, let alone some strangers. But then, I must remind myself that this blog isn't just a mere blog. Kimi's Akademos is full of my life journey. I've been through ups and downs. I've gone to my version of hell. It would be such a waste if I just threw away 15 years of my life. No records. No notes. No memories. 

That sentimental feeling prevents me from putting this blog away and making a new blog. Instead of creating a new one, why don't I continue writing here? Collecting my memories from a single place will be much simpler and easier than having them scattered around on the internet in various blogs. Besides, who else do you know who still keeps their blogs from 2008? 


  1. sejarah emang gak selamanya asyik. tapi ya dari sejarah bisa jadi pelajaran dan merawat ingatan. blog juga begitu.

    kalo aku sebaliknya, pengen nulis banyak hal tapi ga pernah sempat waktunya.

    1. Iya, betul, Mas Zam. Blog bisa menjadi tempat kita mencatat sejarah perjalanan hidup kita. Kita bisa belajar banyak dari situ.

  2. Kak Kimiii, sayang banget kalau blognya sampai dihapus 🥲. Kalau bisa tetap stay di sini aja yaaa *nyuruh2*. Akupun pernah hapus blog lamaku dan sekarang aku menyesal karena kalau lagi pengin throwback ke masa lalu, udah ga ada memorinya 😂. Better to make it private kalau memang mau~ but, apapun keputusan Kak Kimi, aku akan mendukung. Please let me know kalau Kakak memang in the future Kakak bakal pindah ke blog baru.


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