A Letter to Bloggers

Dear fellow bloggers,

I love blogwalking. I love reading blogs. I love finding new blogs with entertaining writings. And every time I find an amusing blog, I will subscribe it to my Google Reader. Google Reader will keep me posted every time blogs that I've subscribed are posting new writings.

I don't need to tell you every time I subscribe a blog, right?

But, I've got to be honest with you, my fellow bloggers. I dislike blog that use summarized RSS feed. It makes me to click it from my Google Reader to continue reading your post. Remind me again why I subscribe your blog? Yes, to keep me updated without making myself busy visiting each of your blog to know your latest entries. But, please, why do you still make me come to your blog in order to read the rest of your writing? To increase your stats? To make me see any commercial ads on your blog?

I don't mind if you want to use summarized RSS feed, but if I have proper internet connection. With a speed 3,1 Mb per second, I will gladly come to your blog and read your post even though you put hundreds of pictures in it. Too bad, having that speed is still rare occassion here in Indonesia. I'm using Mobi as my internet service and lately it's disappointing me. The connection is too slow, just like a snail walks (snail does walk, right?).

It takes time to load your page and takes longer time to load your page that is full with pictures, widgets, or ads. And sometimes I don't have any patience to wait your page is fully loading and I have to close it. That means I don't finish reading your writing, right?

Usually, if I meet with kind of this blog in my Google Reader, I only read its first paragraphs without bothering myself to read the rest of it. I will finish reading it if I think the post is an interesting one. If not, forget it. I'll scroll down and continue reading my Google Reader.

So, with all due respect, my friends, please change your RSS feed from summarized to complete or full text. You can change it in your blog setting.

Thank you so much for your attention. Cheers!


  1. I hope my blog is friendly for the reader. doesn't it?

  2. Kalau saya, berlangganan RSS dari google reader. Lebih enak dibaca..
    Ya samalah, kalau ada yang menarik akan saya buka versi webnya langsung, karena pasti lebih asyik bacanya... ^_^

  3. @ Huda Tula
    Your blog is already in full RSS feed. And that is really friendly for my google reader! :D

    @ zee
    Iya, kalau yang ditulis menarik pasti langsung saya buka webnya. Klo ga ya, dilewatin aja. Hehehe...

  4. say hello to my fellow blogger, it's rare to find a blogger that giving advice to another blogger..

    Keep reading, and keep writing..
    Salam kenal sesama blogger.. :)


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