My 2011 Resolution

Last day in 2010.

Every one seems talking about what he or she has done or achieved for the last twelve months. Either they talk about it on twitter or on their blog, or in both places. People also share what their resolutions will be in 2011. Me? I haven't talked about it in either places.

I'm not really that kind of person who likes to evaluate every thing. I'm not included to a group of people who contemplate their life every Decembers. Remembering what I have done during a year, thinking my wrong- or good-doings, evaluate my life, etc. I don't need a particular time to do that. I will contemplate and think deep about my life every time I need it to or any time I consider that I have to.

I'm not saying flash back your memory is a bad thing. Or making resolution is useless. I don't even resist it. I'm simply a person go with the flow. Whatever happens, happens.

But, reading too much people's tweets and writings about their resolutions and what they've done in a year makes me follow the crowd. I also have my own resolutions, you know! Well, "wishes" maybe a proper word. sengihnampakgigi

Here, I share to you my resolution (and wishes) in 2011.

1. I want to be graduated. Soon. Therefore, I have to work on my mini-thesis more seriously. Unfortunately, it seems that I'm lost in a way. Completely lost.

2. Keeping my body in shape. Yes, I want to look sexier than now. Preeeet...! Joking, people! Don't take it seriously. In 2011, I have to live a healthy life by eating healthy food, jogging routine 3 days in a week, doing other sports (I know this isn't specific. But, who cares? jelir)

3. About financial life: saving money every month. For that I have to write my daily expenses and make monthly budget. Also I try not to be a compulsive buyer. Based on my experiences often I buy something that actually I don't really need. So, it has to stop right now! Starting tomorrow I will live a thrifty life!

4. Buy an e-book reader. If I must eat only twice a day to be thrifty or be a cheapskate to get an e-book reader, so be it.

5. Reading more books. Minimum four books have to be finished reading by the end of month. With an approximation one book for one week.

6. Being consistent to write in this blog. One post each day is nice, but I can't guarantee you that I will be that consistent. Well, one post in a week--at the very least--should be acceptable.

7. Writing more and more in English in this blog. This is important! And my main aim is not to reach wider audience, or people in United Kingdom will be my subscribers (even though I don't refuse it), but it's simply I have to practice my English. My old man had spent a lot of money to enroll me in any kind of English courses and I don't want he spent for nothing. Yes, English is my second language and writing in not your mother tongue takes more effort, but I'm trying. People say language is more like habit. The more you use it, the more you you're getting accustomed to it. I hope one day my English will be flawless.

8. Become more famous and have a lot of fans. I love being famous. End of story. And I'm using my blog to get there. senyumkenyit

9. ... will add more. Soon. Or not. sengihnampakgigi

So, those are my resolutions in 2011. I promise you in 31 December 2011, if I'm still alive, I will evaluate this and write it in a post. Just like any people do.

Fans: Kimi, you have shared to us your 2011 resolution. But, you don't flash back the past year. Would you like to share it?

Errr... Errr... Not interested. Haha...

Read my previous writings if you want to know it so badly. jelir All I can say is 2010 is another flat-year to me. Nothing big happened, well except that broken heart thingy IF you call that as big or special.

Akhirul kalam*, what is your resolution? What have you achieved this year? Would you like to share it? Please, share to us on the comment below.

And, happy new year all! May you all have a blessed wonderful year ahead!

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p.s.: Any ideas what akhirul kalam should be in English?


  1. 1, 3, 5, & 7 are quite the same with mine. Well, no 1 is my primary goal for 2011, but still no progress to achieve it. No 3 is important, I'm thinking about getting job to have some more money. No 5 is hard, sometimes I'm too busy wit internet (oh damn socmed :lol:). No 7 is a bit hard too, my written English gets worse day by day. I hope I can manage to make it better next year. Happy new year, Kimi :)

  2. Hope that all your goals are achieved next year. Happy new year too, Tenma! :)

  3. e-book reader.
    belakangan ngidam, jadi rajin survei soal kindle dan nook. sementara baru bisa surveinya dulu. masih harus nabung2 juga.. :))

    selamat tahun baru! semoga di postingan semacam ini tahun depan kita sudah sama2 punya e-book reader, halah. haha.

  4. Jangan kindle deh. Serius. Mending iRiver story atau Sony reader. Tapi harganya disini masih mahal. Cuih. *mata berkaca-kaca*

  5. Kenapa komen dari Tenma tidak muncul disini??? *lirik widget recent comments disamping*

  6. moga tercapai resolusinya ya. met tahun baru...

  7. hehe
    bingung mo komentar apa disini,
    mau bhsa inggris grammar malah ancur2an :))

    kalo ane #resolusi2011 perbanyak twitteran, kurangi pemalasan XD

  8. Amin! Terima kasih ya. Selamat tahun baru, fanny... :)

  9. kenapa harus bingung? jgn takut klo takut salah. bahasa inggris saya juga masih belajar kok. :D

    btw, saya juga mau deh resolusinya yang "kurangi pemalasan". :))

  10. I'm trying to blog more consistently this year, too. I'm participating in WordPress's "Post a Week 2011" challenge, which seems like it will be helpful in motivating me. I look forward to seeing more of your entries!

    And by the way, this is not a paid advertisement. ;) It just looks fun.

  11. I'm participating "Post a Day 2011" challenge! Looks like I'm too ambitious, aren't I? Well, anyway, thank you for reading my blog. :)

  12. resolusi no 6 mu adalah point paling menantang buatku. hehehehe... i do join that project.. tp licik, mulainya baru tgl 4 trus posting sekalian 4. hahahaha

    happy blogging

  13. Hahaha... Ga apa2, mbak. Anggep aja tulisannya dirapel. =))


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