A Picture That Keeps Me Smiling

Today's topic in DailyPost is share something that makes you smile. So, this little girl's picture below is something that makes me smile. Every time I look at it, I smile. Suddenly I realize how much I miss this cute little girl.

she is three years and four months old now

It's not only the picture itself that makes me smile. Look at how she posed. Just like a top model, right? And, look at her eyes, her smile, her face. She's pretty and funny at the same time, isn't she? I can't stop smiling every time I look at this picture.

Above that all, she is my niece. It is the true reason why I smile. When I feel like I miss her so much, I look at this picture... and I smile. It reminds me again to thank God has sent her to us ("us" here means my family). She's really my light and I love her so much.

Ah, I can't wait to go back to my hometown! She is the main cause my homesickness. Now, I really really really miss her. sedih I miss to play with her, to talk to her, to hold and to hug her. I miss her laugh, her unpredictable attitude, and every thing that she has. Oh, and, one thing. She's really smart.

Seriously, I want to go home now! nangih


  1. certainly, child is the most beautiful thing we've ever had. :)

  2. Iyaaa dooong... =)) Btw, Mbak Chic, keponakanku kita jodohkan saja ya dengan Vio? ;))

  3. Saya juga punya keponakan laki-laki. Lagi lucu-lucunya. Bener-bener bikin kangen gitu. Kalau pas mudik selalu kaget cepetnya pertumbuhannya. Tahu-tahu udah bisa jalan. Tahu-tahu udah bisa panggil, "Ooooommm Galih... Oooommm nduuutttt" :D

  4. Iya, anak2 itu cepet banget gedenya ya? Saya juga gitu. Klo pulang kampung, adaaa ajaaaa yang baru dari keponakan. Dia udah bisa nyanyi lagu2 org dewasa, makin cerewet, duh... jadi nambah kangen deh sama keponakan! :-(

  5. aku??? Gak dikangeni Kim? :((
    *itungin pasir*

  6. Hahahaha... Aku juga kangen kok sama Mbak Eka. Yuk, kapan yuk, kita ketemu lagi? Beneran kangen loooooh... *peluk*


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