Writing a Review

Day 85. Post a Day 2011.

Some of my readers may still remember what my resolutions in 2011 are. Considering that I'll try to write in English twice or thrice a week, I make a schedule for it. Every Fridays to Sundays is the English time!

Since my readers are mostly from Indonesia, I'm sorry for the inconvenient. I know some of you don't like reading posts in English, but I need your understanding. I believe everyone has his/her own purpose in writing a blog. One of my purposes is I make my blog as a place for practicing English. So, if you feel that you don't like reading my English blogposts, that is fine by me. Feel free to close this blog and you can continue reading blog elsewhere. You can come back again visiting this blog on Mondays to Thursdays! :D

By the way, the last two blogposts are reviews. One is a movie review and the other is a book review. They are not my first reviews. I've made reviews before, books, movies, songs, etc. Although I've written reviews before, I can say that write a review isn't easy. In fact, I don't really like writing a review. It is really hard for me.

For me, writing a review needs a special skill. It is different from writing any kinds of other blogposts, let say like writing your trip, your school days stories, etc. I can cockily say that I'm quite good in writing blogposts (especially the trashes ones), but I'm so bad in writing a review. I can say that one book or a movie is really good, but I can't really describe what makes it a good one. I guess I have a problem either in expressing my thoughts or I have lack of vocabularies. Or both. :))

I don't know how to attract readers to read my reviews and hope that they will like them. If you read my review, you will see that my review is so plain and so rigid. It's like there is no fun. So gloomy. I know it's a review, not a comedy story. I write an opinion about that books and movies. People need my subjective opinion. They don't need my witty personality to make them laugh reading my review. But, If I can put some souls to make my reviews more lively, I'll be so happy. To make it less serious. You know, to make my review is more engaging to read.

I know I don't need to be a critic or an expert in movies or books or any other fields to write a review. But, sometimes I think being one is an advantage. I mean an expert knows theories, right? An expert can write a review and can relate it to one of theories. I think that can make one review is a rich one. But hey, it is a book or movie review not an academic paper.

So, I googled how to write a good review and I landed on this page and this one. Nice tips! I will try to put it into practice next time I write another reviews.

Well, after reading those I think I don't need to be sad or put too much expectation in myself to make a good review. Practice makes perfect, doesn't it? I have to write again and again to make a good writing, including writing a review. And it will be benefit for me if I read a lot of people's reviews. I can learn from them. Read more and more and gain knowledge. Is that so?

p.s.: a review here isn't limited to a book or a movie only, but also any kinds of reviews.


  1. the purpose of my blogwalking adventure is also to enrich my vocab and thought, either my reading is written in bahasa Indonesia and or English, even in other languages

    well, I enjoy your writing style :)

  2. tfs kim.
    i always make selfish reviews. Write what i want, what i see from the books & the movies. Don't care what others think about my crap though.

  3. once, I promise myself to write in English, but it was just a promise... just 1 post till now :(

    anyway, just feel free to write in English, it's your blog! remember... Some blogger may be feel inconvenient and leave a negative comment (hoping you write in Indonesia), but heiii, you still have your fans out there. Specially your imaginary fans.. hehehe. However, writing in English gives you benefit right? (gosh, I envy your English)

    about the review, I'm not an expert, but I think it's all about sharing your experience with the book you've read or the movie you've watched. So whether the reader agree or disagree with your opinion, it's your personal thought and experience (wich can't be blamed).

    and I'm so glad that you put those two links bout review.... nice sharing. :)

    (set dah, bahasa inggris berantakan, nekat aja nyerocos)
    *now I start to think about writing he next post for my blog in English.


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