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Day 137. Post a Day 2011.

Every time I read, watch, or see people who suffer (any kind of) cancer, it hits me so bad and painful to see that they look really suffer. Maybe it comes from cancer itself or from treatment they have. Or both. I don't know. 

I saw once a person suffered so badly because of chemotheraphy that he had. In fact, it almost cost his life.

But now, when I see my father, I don't see a person who has cancer. He looks healthy and isn't affected too much from his cancer. Of course it is a good thing, not the part that he has cancer for certain. 

I'm definitely certain if you see my father now you won't believe that he has cancer. He still walks for 10 minutes every day. He's still fussy. He still loves talking, laughing, socializing with our neighbors, and playing with his grandchildren. It seems there's no sign that shows he's sick.

Despite he's a very brave and a strong man, maybe it's because he gets the right treatment. Maybe it's because the cancer was in early stage when it's detected, even though it's metastatic cancer. I mean, his cancer doesn't spread too much inside his body. Let consider him lucky that it spreads only in his liver and lung. And let consider him extremely lucky that he found out it very very very early.

Just to let you know, my father had colon cancer two years ago. And it was already removed in surgery. But, because he stopped his chemotheraphy (he was trauma for chemo almost took his life), now we have to deal again with cancer. Guess all those remaining cancer cells don't die and spreading to my father's liver and lung.

So, what's the moral of this story? Love your body. Do regular check-ups. My father suspected his cancer was back from his blood test result. To prove it, he immediately went to his doctor and did a PET scan. As already suspected, the cancer was there.

If you know earlier your illness, it's easier to cure it. Find the right treament that suit your condition. In other words, find a good doctor. But, of course preventing is much much much better than curing.

Live a good life, folks. And stay healthy.


  1. semoga sang ayah secara bertahap segera menemukan kesembuhan, mbak kimi. entah, saya sendiri termasuk orang yang jarang check up kesehatan. tulisan ini mengingatkan saya bahwa ternyata soal yang satu ini menjadi amat penting utk dilakukan.

  2. Terima kasih, Pak. Ayo, Pak, rajin cek-up. Biar kita juga tahu kondisi tubuh kita. :)

  3. aku pilih minggir saja bila ada orang ngomongin penyakit2 yang mengerikan itu

  4. Emang ngeri sih kalo dengar penyakit2 seram itu. Tapi yaaa... klo aku sih sekarang mendingan menghadapinya. Maksudnya ya cari tau, terus cari cara gimana biar gak kena penyakit itu. :D


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