I Don't Want to be Alone

I think I've been thinking too much lately. Just like this morning, I was thinking if I were getting old and sick, would my children or grandchildren take care of me?

I've seen many times old people come to hospitals alone. When I was accompanying my father having his chemo, I saw an old man was alone and no one accompanied him while he had his chemo. He was complaining that he felt cold, but nurses there didn't listen to him because his voice was weak. I came to him and I gave him my aroma theraphy oil. I rubbed his both hands with it. And I asked nurses to give him more blankets. At that time I felt suddenly sad for that old man. He was alone when he was sick. Where was his family? I don't know. I didn't ask him. I even didn't ask his name. Such a shame.

Now, I look at my father. He's lucky to still have his family when he now needs his family most. He still has his  wife and children to be with him when he's sick. He still has his sister and brothers who always give him support.

I mean, it's common to hear parents and children do not go along really well. That they often quarrel. In worse story, parents and children cut off their relationship. They don't want to know any more about each other. Children hate their own parents and vice versa. Even though it's rare for me to see parents hate their own children. But, they do exist, right?

Or when children already grow up, get married, settle down, slowly but sure they start forgetting their parents. They are too busy with their new life, new family, new job to remember their parents. As if they don't have time for their parents.

When their parents sick, children will only give them money. They say, "Look, I've sent you money. Now go to see doctor." When their parents are hospitalized, children will say, "Look, I'm busy. I'm sorry I can't stay a night in hospital with you. I will come in the morning." Then, they will come in the morning, bring fruits or snacks. In 2-3 hours, they will be leaving. They will say, "I have something to catch up. I will see you soon."

That is still a good thing that children send their parents money (I know parents will never ask for it) or see their parents when they're sick even though children still give other things (jobs, wife/husband, etc.) as their more important things. Their parents are not on their top of priority list. Maybe parents are in no. 3, 4, 5, or heck-I-don't-know-which-no.-they-are in children's priority list.

Now, are there any children who really don't want to know about their parents? They don't care if their parents are sick. They don't even bother to ask their parents' condition. If parents are in comma, or dead, children maybe don't give damn care about it. Sad thing is children like that exist. They are out there. :c

My uncle said to me, "Parents when they're old will come back to their children." Right. Other than their own children, to whom parents will come back home? Parents need their children to take care of them when they're old. Just like children need their parents to take care of them when children are still kid.

I don't want to imagine myself will end up like an old man I've told you earlier in this post. I don't want to be alone in my old age. I want to be surrounded by my family. By my husband and kids, by my kids' kids, by my sisters and brothers, by my nieces and nephews, by my nieces' kids and by nephews' kids, and if God's will by my parents. :)


  1. Agrrrhhh... ampun deh... gak ngerti (T^T

  2. your writing has very deep thought :)
    how could I survive my old years if ... oh NO

  3. Keinginan mulia. Aku kehilangan ibuku setahun lalu, sesudah beberapa tahun beliau melawan sakit. Di antara rasa sedih, ada juga rasa bahagia, setidaknya aku berada di sampingnya, mengawaninya bahkan sampai beliau menghembuskan napas terakhir. Dan aku memiliki hasrat yang sama sepertimu: jika umur panjang kelak, aku tak ingin sendirian di hari tua. Bahagia seorang orang tua adalah dekat dengan anaknya. 

  4. so do I dear :)

    but sometimes feel guilty, can not meet my parents everyday because i'm living in the different town :( hopefully they forgive me

    esumpah gue jd belajar biar inggrisnya ga buruk2 amat ini , thanks to you girl :D

  5. waw inggris...
    saya ga mudeng...

  6. Ah, sebenarnya kamu pasti ngerti kan... :p

  7. Aku juga nulis pake bahasa inggris biar sekalian belajar juga, Mbak. Kalau gak dipaksain begini, bahasa inggrisku makin lama makin ancur aja ntar. :))


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