Where Can I Get Cheap Books? But, I Prefer Free Ones.

Ever since I've known Gigapedia (now known as library.nu, but I prefer the old name), I fell in love with that website. It helped me a lot to find books I need and want, from novel to psychology textbooks. From Stephenie Meyer to Carl Sagan. Yes, I know what I did, which was downloading e-books illegally, was against the law. I feel wrong also, but problem is do you have any idea how much book price now, especially textbooks? It's expensive! I can't afford to buy it no matter how long I've been saving my money.

Getting materials--movies, songs, e-books, etc.--for free from internet is tempting, for sure. You can get entertained, gain knowledge, all for free! But, of course, there are parties who don't like that. All their hard works were in vain. They don't get money from all their works which we've stolen (read: illegal download). They have rights to protest, after all. They are right to fight to get what they deserve.

I can understand that. Totally understand.

I know it is really hard to write a book. From getting an idea, to write it, to work on it, it could take months, even years. And when it's published, the next day we can get the softcopy on internet. Again, for free! Same goes with songs, games, films, etc. 

But, as I've told you earlier, I don't have money to buy ALL books that I want, considering their expensive price, so download them ilegally from internet is the best option that I have. It's a sad thing, I know. :(

And since I can't access Gigapedia anymore because this SOPA-PIPA thing, it really is breaking my heart to pieces. They shut Gigapedia down. It really makes me frustrated. Where the hell I can get another free e-books, heh? Okay, I can be fine without reading novels, so I don't really need to download them. I still can read novels by renting them from a book rent near my house. But, non-fiction books? Textbooks? All books with my preference themes, like psychology, philosophy, evolution, popular science, etc.? Where can I get them?! HAH?! From bookstores in my hometown? Oh, don't make me laugh. From libraries in my hometown? Oh, don't make me crying out loud.

And, please, don't tell me to buy them from bookstores outside my hometown or from book online shop. I KNOW THAT. I'd gone to Kinokuniya in Singapore. When I checked their price, it made me gasp! Their price were ranging from SGD 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and rising and rising, like skyrocket went to outer space. 

Knowledge should be free. If you--publishers--can't give it for free, well at least, can you give us a very reasonable price that we all don't mind to take money from our purse and buy your books? I need to read those books, dear publishers. There are still many questions are unanswered and I have to find all the answers from those books. I still want to learn... 

Please, be kindly enough to give us back our Gigapedia. 

p.s.: Here is good opinion about the Gigapedia shuttingdown. And now I hope they don't shut down another remaining file-sharing websites. *fingers crossed* 


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  2. monetisasi ilmu pengetahuan itu dampaknya mempercepat atau memperlambat pertumbuhan ilmu pengetahuan sebenarnya?

  3. cheap books ? prefer free one ?

    hmm how If, kau bikin buku sendiri coba :)

  4. Sekarang sih biasa pada download di situs Bookfi :D

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