Mayor Now, Governor Later. Okay, Sir?

About a few weeks ago, I read a local newspaper. It's so rare for you to see me reading a newspaper. I don't really like reading newspapers. Yes, they keep me updated with what's so hype lately. But, sometimes I find myself become distress when I read a newspaper. Seriously. I think newspapers only give us negative news, e.g. never ending corruptions in Indonesia, crimes, bad government, Rafael Nadal loses all the time from Novak Djokovic, etc. That's why I don't want to read newspapers. Why would I want to read something if in the end I become a distressful person? That's why I keep my distance from newspapers, news television, magazine.

Back to what I read. 

I read news that Bandar Lampung's new elected Mayor, Drs. Hi. Herman HN, would go for Lampung Governor election that will be held in 2013. He's gotta be kidding, right? I mean, he's just elected in 2010. It means he becomes a mayor for just two years! How come he wants to leave his position now to become Lampung Governor? 

In my stupid opinion, it only shows to me that Mr. Herman HN is just another man who is hungry of power. He's selfish. He's ignoring his Bandar Lampung citizen who already gave their votes to choose him as mayor. I think, he's betraying their trusts. 

Why don't he runs his office until his reign is finished in 2015? If he wants so badly to be a governor, he can nominate himself for the next governor election in 2018. He will have plenty of time to prepare himself, to campaign. Plus, if he is good in leading Bandar Lampung, it will be his remarkable point, right? People will remember that he's a good leader, that he's capable in leadership. Without a doubt, at least Bandar Lampung citizen will give their votes to Mr. Herman HN.

Well, that's my stupid opinion, though. I'm sorry if some of you feel offended. I write this because I see Mr. Herman HN as a good mayor. There are some progress here in Bandar Lampung under his rule. And, I think it's very unfortunate if Mr. Herman HN leaves his position now to pursue his ambition to become Lampung Governor. I want to see he continues his programmes, instead of taking on furlough to take part in governor election


  1. Nayarini EstiningsihApril 2, 2012 at 7:01 PM

    the higher (position) the better, the faster (it becomes) the better, looks like a new slogan for our politicians this year

  2. that just because,
    he dont think smart as you are :|


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