Charmed. Again.

I've finished re-watching Charmed television series. All season. From season 1 until season 8. It's good when finally I can watch all its episodes. Nothing was left out. And it brought good old memory when I was still young and innocent. 

I remember the first time I watched Charmed I was still 13 years old. And I couldn't stop talking about it to my friends. I told them that they should watch it. It was a good tv series! At that time, for a 13-year-old kid, watching  a serial about magic was fantastic! I was in awe watching Prue could move things, Piper could freeze and blow things/people, Phoebe could predict future and levitate, and Paige could orb and could move things also. I'd wished I could have powers like them. It felt amazing that they were Charmed Ones, had powers, and they kicked demons' asses. And I'd wished I could have their boyfriends, too. Because their boyfriends were so handsome, you know! ^_^

Point is when I was 13 years old and watching Charmed giving me a feeling that this series was great. It was cool. Awesome. But, when I was watching it again back-to-back episodes, I felt like... What was it? Is it a series that I have loved once years ago? Am I sure? I'm not kidding, aren't I?

Getting older means that I'm getting more critical about every thing, including Charmed. While I was watching it, I couldn't stop asking to myself "Why this? Why that?" and saying "It's nonsense". And I was more observing. The main reason I loved this series was Piper and Leo. I used to love them. I thought Piper's power was amazing, she cooked, she's nice, and Leo was simply sweet. But, when I was re-watching it, I have to admit that Piper was really getting on my nerves. She's grumpy, demanding, nagging, and how could I not see that? I don't understand what Leo sees in her. And Leo... Leo is weak and overly emotional. And I don't really see the love between them. It's more likely because of their acting. You know that they really love each other based on what their words, not from their gestures.

So, if you ask me now who my favorite character in Charmed is, I will answer it's Chris Halliwell. Even though in my deepest heart I just couldn't abandon Piper and Leo.I still love them, I guess.  

Oh, Chris, how can you become so good looking? 
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I love him because he's cute. That's all. :O And that's why from all Charmed seasons, I love season 6 the most. It's because Chris is playing in all episodes in season 6. :r

If you're curious enough to see Drew Fuller portrays as Chris Halliwell, go watch Charmed series! Yes, I'm trying to poison you to watch Charmed! :vD

p.s.: Well, if I wanted to write about Charmed, I should've written it immediately after I'd had finished watching it each season. To give you my comments about Charmed for each season. 


  1. Little different with me. hahaha

    Mirrors where the mirror, let me reflect.

    Greetings sister :-)

  2. dulu saya juga suka banget serial ini. tapi gak selalu nonton.

  3. kopipakegula.wordpress.comAugust 6, 2012 at 3:59 PM

    saya juga dulu suka nonton Charmed waktu masih tayang di SCTV... satu angkatan sama Buffy dan Angel (wahahaha, sukanya yang supranatural-supranatural gitu deh)

    kalau sekarang nontonnya Tru Blood, The Vampire Diaries, sama The Walking Dead ^,^ (yang paling masuk akal cuma The Walking Dead :p)

  4. @91ae55862974d134f604a689a1eada11:disqus

    Dari tiga serial yang disebutin itu aku belum nonton semuanya. Kasian yah. :(

  5. @0df6d8a9774cb1ce747e3d3cf1147155:disqus

    Saya juga gak selalu nonton sih. Ada beberapa episod yang ketinggalan. Tapi sekarang sudah nonton semua. :D

  6. @ dykapede
    Hello. Greetings. :D

  7. saya juga suka nonton charmed nih... bagus banget... salah satu serial yang saya suka...

  8. @ Applausr
    Wah, Mas juga suka toh? Gak nyangka! Hihihihihi...


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