Sunday, August 26, 2012

Poor Rooney

Rooney is injured and according to Sir Alex Ferguson, "It was a very bad one. He has gone to hospital. It looks like he will be out for four weeks." Poor Rooney! He was defending a Fulham's free kick, then he went down when Hugo Rodallega came down after flying and accidentally landed on Rooney's right thigh. Rodallega made a gigantic hole on it.

picture was taken from here

First time I saw that gash, I gasped. That one was a really really deep wound! I can't imagine how painful it must be. Wound that deep... It looks like his skin had been peeled off and his thigh was cut. Then, I think it's a risk that every football player must willingly take. Everyone knows football is a dangerous sport. Rooney must have known that.

Get well soon, Rooney! We hope that you can get back on field sooner. :)


  1. wadew ... lukanya

  2. wow.. it is really deep wound... every job has its own risk..  get well Rooney

  3. get well soon, roooneeeey !!!!!!!!!


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