A Short Trip

A woman in her mid twenties, wearing a brown blouse and black trousers, was standing in front of Lucky Plaza, Singapore, on Tuesday afternoon. She had just bought chocolate for her co-workers and she's going to go Center Point. She decided that she would go on foot. But, before that she made a pit-stop first at Kinokuniya Book Store, just across Lucky Plaza. 

At Kinokuniya, she wandered aimlessly. She just wanted to look around without buying any books. While looking around, she spoke to herself, "I wish you were here. I want to show you the book store that I love the most." She spent not too long at that book store. After she felt satisfied just looked around (yes, she sometimes can be satisfied only by going to book store and going out from there without buying any), she left that place. She's back on her mission: Go to Center Point.

She walked briskly. On her way, she felt something was missing. Someone. A man that she felt in love recently. The man that she knew would be out of her reach. So, her head and her heart agreed at one thing, therefore they made an agreement: she had to forget the man.

She thought it was going to be easy. Truth is, it's not. Now, she's in trouble in forgetting him. She misses him. Too much. She misses him every single second and because of that only is easy enough to make her head explodes. She just can't control her brain. If only she could, it would be very easy to erase the man from her memory. Every where she goes, she's reminded of him. He's always on her mind. She keep thinking about him. Just like that day on her way to Center Point.

Along the way, she was thinking about him. She kept saying "I-wish-you-were-here" thing. Sad, she knew. Pathetic, that's what she thought. But, she couldn't do anything about it. She wants to give up and lets her emotion takes control over her. She wants to cry. She wants to go see him and make a confession that she loves him. But, her pride is holding her back. Her pride has too much control in her. She prefers dying in vain to telling the man the truth. 

Less than ten minutes she reached Center Point. She went directly to Cold Storage at basement. Then she just stood there. "What exactly do I want to buy here?" She was clueless. Her mind was occupied by that man that made her forgot what she wanted to buy. She drew her breath, then she exhaled. She closed her eyes. She tried to ease herself. Maybe, because of thinking too much about him made her distracted. 

Then, she opened her eyes. "Okay, I remember know what I wanna buy here. Baby octopus sashimi for my dad."  Right after getting things which she needed, a song was faintly heard. Its sound got stronger and she was familiar with it. It was this song:

And she cursed. "Damn, this song." Then, he was crawling back again on her mind.


  1. Ouch :)
    It's that song... *click play* *walking side by side through memory line*

  2. *lane. ugh i hate typo >.<

  3. wah legend.
    masterpiece ttp careless whisper :)

  4. @ MrZ
    Maksudnya lagunya? Emang... Legend. Keren!

  5. @ Ms. Plaida
    Yes, it's that song. Ouch. It hurts. :)


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