[Song] Tiny Dancer

I was watching The Voice USA when I heard Caroline Glaser sang "Tiny Dancer" for her blind audition. When I first heard the song, I loved it immediately. You know, the feeling when you fall in love with a song just a second after you heard it? This was what I felt at that time.

So, the next day I checked on YouTube and I found out that "Tiny Dancer" was originally sung by Elton John. And, after listening Elton John's version, I still love it. I bought it on iTunes and I can't stop myself from playing it again and again. It's just a sweet and lovely song. Every time I listen to it, I put a big smile on my face and I hum following the song. No wonder Adam Levine said that it was one of his favorite songs. Oh, and I sooo definitely put this song on my favorite-songs list!

Here's the video clip of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer". Enjoy!

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