[Film] Star Trek: Into Darkness

I'm not such a fan of Star Trek, but when people are busy talking about how good the latest sequel of Star Trek is--especially when I knew that my beloved Benedict Cumberbatch was portraying the bad bad villain John Harrison--, I decided to watch it. Hell, there is no way I'm gonna miss to watch him!

oh, dear Ben, you make my nose bleeding <3

So, yesterday I watched the movie with my friend. And from the minute one it had captivated me. All the actions, the cool space ships, the fights, and of course, my one and only Benedict Cumberbatch, with his cool act, his cool voice, cool gestures, the way he looks, his sexy body... Oh, God. Can I just faint and he stand next to me ready to hold me and carry me? 

I know this is bias, but I think he was so good in portraying the ruthless John Harrison a.k.a Khan Noonien Singh.  Besides him, I think another strong character is Mr. Spock. I don't really like Captain Kirk, by the way. He's just reckless. You know, kinda person that loves to break the rules, always goes with gut, the flamboyant guy, it's just too much for me. Go and blame me for not saying good things about him. Well, as I said before, I'm not a fan of Star Trek, so I don't know much about him. Plus, this is the first Star Trek movie that I've watched. So, I don't have enough references about him, though. :P

So, to all of you who haven't watched this movie, please go and watch it either you're big fans of Star Trek or not. :D

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