Random #30

Random 1.

So, guys, I proudly tell you that now I become a patron of Crash Course.

For those of you who don't know Crash Course, it is an education channel on YouTube and one of my favorites. It has many series with wide range of topics, like World History, Philosophy, Biology, Big History, World Mythology, Astronomy, Sociology, and many more. So far I have watched its World History and World History 2 series, Philosophy, Big History, and Psychology. Currently I'm watching World Mythology and Sociology series.

I love John Green, Hank Green, Mike Rugnetta, and, of course, Crash Course so much that I'm so willing to give them a really small amount of money every month to support them. So they can keep making cool videos and educating more people. Because you know, producing one high quality video is not cheap. They have to pay writers, education consultants, animators, etc. Why a small amount of money, you may ask. Well, I'm not rich enough to donate a lot of dollars each month, that's very obvious.

And, you know what, after becoming a patron for Crash Course, it makes me feel awesome. I think positive about myself. I mean, like, "Dude, I'm doing something good. Finally!"

Nowadays we very often see artists, singers, video makers, etc. asking for our support from crowdfunding like this. And my point is if you love so much with someone's works, projects, and/or ideas, I think it's really cool if you support him or her.

Random 2.

After really long hiatus (six years, to be exact) from Postcrossing, this morning I have decided to reactivate my account and sent six postcards to Russia, USA, Germany, Belarus, Canada, and Turkey.

Random 3.

One of the people whom I sent postcards told me that she visited this blog and she didn't understand the language. She knew my blog because I put the link on my Postcrossing profile. Well, that's because I write in Indonesian language. She's from Finland, by the way.

So now I'm thinking since I'm back again on Postcrossing, the chances people from other countries visit this blog are quite high. Thus, I need to write more in English. I have to.

Random 4.

I really, really, really need to be frugal.

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  1. I know something about the crash courses too but didn't know that they exit online too, this is great that we can save money just by having them on youtube


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