Series I Watched in Netflix #1

I have told you here that I finally signed up for Netflix. Henry Cavill was really the main reason why I decided to install the app on my phone and subscribed to it. I very well aware that I couldn't watch The Witcher through illegal streaming service anymore, so yeah whatever it took I'd do it for my beloved Henry Cavill.

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Ever since that, The Witcher isn't the only series I watched on Netflix. I cannot say that I watch many series either from the leading streaming service. I have watched a few series there. So, this post is just some kinda a note to myself all series that I have watched on Netflix.

1. The Witcher 

Boy, what can I say other than Henry Cavill does really look hot in this series? He's the primary reason why I subscribed to Netflix though.

About the story itself, well, kinda slow and a little bit boring. With the story timeline is tangled, it can be confusing at first. I thought the story was in the linear timeline when in one episode I finally realized it's not. It's back and forth within the three main characters, which are Geralt's story spans about 20 years, Yennefer's story span about 70 years, and Ciri's story spans about 2 weeks.

By the way, I love Henry Cavill's deep voice.

2. You

You is an American psychological thriller television series. I was interested in this series because: first, Penn Badgley, of course; second, it's a psychological thriller. I studied Psychology, so what do you expect?

What I love about this series is the conversation that happens in Joe Goldberg's head. When he narrates the story and tells us the way he sees himself is appealing. He thinks that he's innocent and he thinks that he did all of those horrendous acts was because he had to, although he didn't mean to. Watching Joe Goldberg is like watching a child who doesn't know anything about what is right and what is wrong.

To me, Joe Goldberg is different from other psychopathies I know from movies and series. At first glance, he doesn't look terrifying. He looks like our sweet and kind neighbor whom we trust. Who would have thought that he's cunning and capable of doing such terrible things?

Here's a song for you, guys, from You's soundtrack.

This song arrangement fits You perfectly.

3. Black Mirror

Every time -- I have to really put the stress here -- every time I finished watching each episode I wanted to curse and to scream out loud. Often times it also left me speechless. Each of the episodes is grim and it ends in a really bleak way you can possibly imagine. All the stories feel close to us. They happen in our society. Black Mirror is being sarcastic to us.

And, shit, since it's really dark and drain my energy every time I watch it, I can't watch it continuously. I have to take a break after one episode. Put another episode on hold for a few days. Read a book or watch a movie first, before I come back again to Black Mirror.

Well, those are the only three series I've watched so far on Netflix. Do you have any recommendations for a series for me to watch? 


  1. Some of my friends have recommended me to watch Black Mirror but all they say is "It's awesome!" Now that you said it's about things happening in our society, I'm getting interested.

    I only follow 2 Netflix series--yeah, the bootleg copy: The Good Place and Stranger Things. The former is a comedy about the afterlife and the latter... I guess you've already known for it is so popular. I haven't moved on from the Game of Thrones. :D

    1. you have to watch black mirror, especially season 3! it's mindblowing. really.


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