February 5, 2023. Happy Birthday to Me.

Another February 5th. Another year has gone by. Another birthday. And I'm getting old. 

With a body that isn't young anymore, there are a lot of things that need to be considered. I have to observe my diet and exercise regularly. Say goodbye to the days when I could eat any kinds of food that I wanted without too much thinking. Welcome to the days when I skip working out, and guilt appears. 

There is a saying, "Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional." Getting (and being) old changes the way I think. I've been pondering a lot. I am evaluating my life. I'm trying to let go of all the grudges I've been holding. I'm also trying to live a more meaningful, simpler, and calmer life. I'm watching countless videos and reading books about that. Hopefully, I'm getting wiser. 

We all are getting old and will die someday. It's a law of nature. We can't defy that. But, at least, I want to age gracefully like a fine wine. And I want to die happy. 

So, happy birthday to me. May I be blessed with health, an abundance of love, and happiness.



  1. Aminn.. ikut mengaminkan doa mba.. btw Happy Birthdayy Mba Kimii 🥳🥳 Semoga selalu dilancarkan segala urusannya..

  2. Happy birthday, Kak Kimi! Sehat selalu yaa 🙏 semoga semua keinginan dan harapan di tahun ini bisa diberi kelancaran oleh Yang Maha Esa. Bahagia selalu ya, Kak!

  3. Kimi, happy belated birthday, you are not alone. i am also already in my 30s and just like anyone i think, still many i need and want to accomplish. the different is, i am not as ambitious as when i was much younger . anyway again, happiest wishes for you, Kimi


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