To Become A Diarist

note: This is day 5 since I started DailyPost project.

Dear diary,

I was angry at my mother. She's evil. Do you think she loves me? You know what, sometimes I think I was adopted.*

I wrote that years ago in my diary. I remember I was upset at my mom and I wrote it down. Unfortunately, my mom read it and then she teased me. I was only silent and sheepish. Now, I wish my family won't come to see this blog and read that. sengihnampakgigi

Well, I was a kid when I wrote that. I even forgot why I became upset with my mom (but, I still remember I wrote that? ihikhik). Since that I never wrote in my diary anymore. In fact, I tore my diary and threw it away. For some years, I didn't have diary. I was afraid that my family would find out about it and they would read it. Trauma? I don't think so. I'd learned my lesson.

But, I love diary. For me, a diary is a place where I can write every thing, including my secrets. Well, yes, that's true if you say we can write anything on our blog also, but do you honestly think you want to tell your readers your personal life? I believe there are some things that we should keep them as private and not to share them to public. And some other things we just can't publicly write them.

Fans: What is the example, Kim?

Well... For example, when you're upset to one member of your family, just like I wrote above? Or when you write poem but you feel ashamed to publish it? Or when you want to write your most intimate secrets? Or anything that you consider it should be better left private.

Back to diary.

Just like blog, I often feel lazy to write in my diary. More over, you use your hand to write. I'm not used to writing anymore with my hand. So, every time I write, my hand will get stiff quickly.

I tried to work it out by making a private blog. I called it as online diary. I thought if I had a private blog, I could write my daily journals there and my right hand didn't need to get stiff for writing. I would use keyboard to type.

But then again, the first rule about writing--either you write on a blog or in your diary--isn't about where you're going to write it, but rather it demands your consistency. Even though I've made my online diary, it's been months since the last time I wrote there.

About five days ago I read an article at BBC. It wrote about people whom consistently write diary. These diarists write journals of their life for years. They've been writing for 21 years, 30 years, and even 40 years! Oh, shoot, why these people can write in their diary for years, while me can only write for two or three months?

So after reading the article, I went to a bookstore. I wanted to buy a note book. I am determined to be a diarist. I will write every day to record my life! Yeee-haaaa!!! menari

Here is the picture of my new diary.

Now, I have one more challenge in 2011 besides "Post a Day 2011". It is to write in my diary every day. Well, maybe not every day... I need to soften my own rule here. Ehm... Ehm... We'll see about that. ihikhik

What about you? Do you have a diary?


  1. I write a diary too, since 2006--so now it's been 4 years. some times, hand writing feels like meditating. During 2006-2007 I wrote constantly, almost every night before I go to sleep. but now, some time I just write three or twice a week. hehehe. I know, it may be sounds weird if a boy write a diary. But, Soekarno, mohammad hatta, wisthon churcill, soe hok gie, they write diary too right?

  2. Who says if a boy writes a diary is weird? I don't think so. Anyone can write a diary. Either boys or girls, young ones or older people, anyone can write. :D

  3. of course I have but after having blog already moved my diary to a blog :)

  4. Years ago, when i was in junior high school, i had a black-leather note on which i wrote the diary. Even though i wrote the diary (and some of my first blog posts were started by words "Dear diary"), I always think boy is not suppossed to write mellow things like a diary :)

  5. I once tried to make online diary a.k.a private blog, but I failed. I never write there anymore. :D

  6. Well, in my opinion, boys can write anything they want, include write mellow things. :P

  7. Cool. I used to have diaries, but then I didnt have time (or passion) to write there anymore. Though, I think having a diary is a good thing to remember your life. Because, people easily forget so many things. Me either, forget so many things, from the good to the bad ones. And sometimes it makes me kind of sad for forgetting so many good memories.

    Now, I only have an agenda. The kind with columns and rows for daily schedule. Later on, I'm considering to have or write in diary again :-)

  8. saya nggak bakat nulis pake tangan (maksudnya nulis latin gituu).. lagian kalo salah, bingung nyari tipexnya.

    lebih suka di blog sih.. konsekuensinya hal pribadi nggak usah dishare

  9. atau gak, bikin aja private blog? ;))

  10. Good. Let's write in diary! :-)

  11. terserah gimana nih maksudnya?

  12. kayaknya waktu SMA ya? (CMIIW) :D

  13. Bukan. Ini waktu TK atau SD gitu. Saya lupa. :D

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